PESG Seminar Offerings

Business Analysis - PESG’S Training for Better Requirements™  - Core business analysis and requirements definition competencies are more critical now than ever. Business analysts and project teams need straightforward methods and techniques to define and deliver better requirements. Unfortunately, business analysts and project team members charged with defining and validating requirements typically do not receive formal training in this essential element of every project. Analysts and project stakeholders need guidance to know when they have succeeded in producing good requirements that are clear and verifiable. An Endorsed Education Provider for the IIBA, PESG offers comprehensive and practical business analyst training. Our provide best practices for a complete BA toolkit filled with the approaches, techniques and skills you need to improve your individual abilities as a requirements professional and improve your organization's requirements gathering process. 
Agile Development - PESG's Agile curriculum offers seminars designed to teach members of an agile project team the skills they will need to successfully implement Agile frameworks. Our Agile seminars provide teams the opportunity to learn and practice skills together while forming a solid foundation for team and project success. Topics include initiating an agile project, creating the Product Backlog, writing and estimating user stories, creating plans for releases and iterations, tracking progress during an iteration, agile technical practices and conducting an agile retrospective.  
Project Management - PESG offers a comprehensive program designed to address project management processes, knowledge areas, project manager performance and personal competencies. Participants are challenged to practice tools and techniques such as stakeholder analysis, decomposition, rolling wave planning, estimating, critical path analysis, progress reporting and more.  Team building, communications, influencing, decision making, political and cultural awareness and negotiations skills are applied in hands-on sessions using case studies.  A series of worksheets and deliverable templates are included in all course materials. Our seminars adress training needs for those in your organization seeking the fundamentals of project management and coordination, as well as experienced managers in search of best practices and credentials.
Software TestingCompanies rely on software more than ever to provide and manage information with strategic and operational importance and to provide key decision support. Rising customer expectations for fault-free, requirements-exact software have increased awareness of the importance of software testing as a critical activity. PESG provides proven, practical training seminars that address real-world software testing issues and problems. Our testing seminars provide a complete life cycle approach for systematically performing the testing process.
Data Modeling - Our curriculum offers practical training solutions from basic data modeling to mastery of data modeling techniques.
Data Warehouse Methodology - PESG's data warehouse curriculum is conducted by data warehouse/business intelligence expert and noted author Larissa Moss. Each seminar contains objective information, practical  insights and realistic advice from Larissa's vast experience in the field.
SOA and Enterprise ArhitecturePESG offers a complete curriculum for the evolving training requirements associated with successfully planning and implementing SOA.
Managing Offshore ResourcesAre you struggling to realize the promised savings from offshore development partners?  Does your IT and business staff have the skills needed to work effectively in this new environment?  PESG offers unique seminars to help you refine your processes, measure progress and gain efficiencies. 
Course Design, Development and Delivery Services - Using proven approaches and exceptionally qualified instructional designers, course developers and seasoned facilitators, we can design, develop, deliver and/or hand-off specific courses to meet your training needs.