Business Analysis and Requirements

Training for Better Requirements™
A Core Competency and Best Practices Curriculum for Business Analysts, Project Teams and Managers
Core business analysis and requirements gathering competencies are more critical now than ever. Business analysts need straightforward, structured methods and techniques to define and deliver better requirements. Unfortunately, business analysts and project team members charged with defining and validating requirements typically do not receive formal training in this essential element of every project. Business analysts and project stakeholders need guidance to know when they have succeeded in producing good requirements that are clear and verifiable or when they have failed by producing bad requirements.
PESG offers comprehensive and practical business analyst training. The seminars in PESG’S Training for Better Requirements™ curriculum provide best practices that offer a complete toolkit of the approaches, techniques and skills you need to improve your individual abilities as a requirements professional and improve your organization's requirements gathering process. Seminar components of the curriculum include the following:

Fundamentals Seminar - For New Business Analysts

  • Basic Business Analysis - How to Be an Effective Business Analyst - This two-day seminar provides a formal introduction to the role of the Business Analyst in the systems development life cycle and an introduction to business analysis methodologies, processes and deliverables. 

The PESG Training for Better Requirements™ Curriculum - For Business Analysts of All Experience Levels

  • Defining and Writing Better Requirements - Learn industry proven methods and best practices for successfully identifying, analyzing, specifying and documenting better user requirements for software projects.

  • Collaborative Consulting Skills for Business Analysts and Project Managers - This seminar introduces to the Professional Services Framework and the Consultant Communities Model. Participants learn approaches and techniques for managing expectations, managing communications from all perspectives, building trusting relationships while successfully managing conflicting needs between your client, employer, family, friends and self.  

  • Use Case Boot Camp – Writing Effective Use Cases - This two day seminar provides participants with an intensive presentation of the use case modeling approach to developing software requirements. The seminar provides instruction in producing and writing “publication quality” use cases. When presented on-site, the seminar is tailored to include interactive mentoring/workshops. If clients prefer, we incorporate specific use case samples as review points in your on-site seminar. We integrate the samples you provide in a productive, consultative workshop environment that allows participants to understand what’s right and what’s wrong with your current use case approach. We also offer expanded techniques for writing and polishing use cases and producing style guidelines.

  • Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation Techniques – This two-day seminar provides the skills needed to define and use proven requirements elicitation techniques to facilitate requirements gathering both from individuals and via group meetings and workshops. 

  • Communicating Requirements for Offshore Projects – What happens when we hand off deliverables over a virtual wall - or an ocean? What happens to requirements? This two-day seminar is for business analysts and application teams looking for ways to improve their processes and skills when communicating and managing requirements for offshore projects.

  • Requirements Definition Week™ – This intensive five-day curriculum assembles the key components of our various seminars into one week-long learning path designed to provide a complete toolkit of the approaches, techniques and skills you need to improve your individual abilities as a requirements definition professional and improve your organization's requirements definition process.

More Seminars for Business Analysts – Specialized Topics

Business Analyst Guide Series

PESG's ongoing series of short duration, high impact online seminars delivered live via Webex.