IT Project Risk Management Techniques

Duration - 1 Day
Availability - On Site at Your Location
IT software team leaders and software team members face challenges when it comes to managing risks in IT projects.  While effective risk management will often result in significant improvements in the success of projects, risk management is frequently overlooked. 
In this seminar, learners will participate in interactive cases and exercises to identify and solve many risks that occur with frequency in IT projects.  You will leave the seminar with practical tools for dealing with IT risks and a process for managing risk.
What You Will Learn
  • The common sources of IT Project Risks
  • What is Risk Management Planning
  • How to develop a IT specific risk management plan    
  • What process is best to identify IT Risk
  • Development of a Risk Register for IT projects
  • How to calculate IT project risk factors
  • How to develop a probability impact matrix 
  • What is quantitative IT risk analysis 
  • How to monitor and control IT Risk
  • Unique risks faced by IT Federal/DOD Project Managers
Who Should Attend - Intended Audience
  • IT Team Managers/Leaders who need an understanding of IT Risk Management
  • New Project Leaders responsible for IT sub-systems or systems
  • Senior Analysts responsible for interaction with contractors or IT personnel
  • IT Technical Staff responsible for software deliverables
  • Analysts responsible for reviewing software deliverables to insure clients or stakeholders needs are met
Introduction to IT Risk Management

Common Sources Of IT Risk

  • What are the top ten IT risk  areas 
  • Why do these risks occur
  • What are the major benefits from IT risk management
  • What are our risk preferences (exercise)

Risk Management Planning

  • What is the methodology?
  • Who is responsible?
  • What are risk categories?
  • What is the risk probability impact?
  • Development of IT specific risk management plan  

Risk Identification IT Project Case Study

  • Each team will be given an IT case study to identify and categorize the risks. 

Development of a Risk Register

  • Process to identify IT  project risk
  • Methods and techniques for risk register development
  • What are risk triggers?
  • Who is the risk owner?
  • Impact and probability of risks

Development of a Probability Impact Matrix

  • Probability/Impact Matrix to Calculate Risks Factors
  • Top Ten Risk Tracking Method
  • Other quantitate methods

Monitoring and Controlling IT Project Risks

  • Planning Risk Responses
  • Technical, cost and schedule risks.

Trends in IT Project Risk Management
Dr. Jay Griesser is a senior PESG faculty member with more than 30 years experience in large scale information systems development. He has developed and maintained world-wide systems using both mature and state of the art technology. He has served as a senior software engineer, software project manager, process manager  and director of software engineering. He specializes in software project management, software process improvement and software maturity. He has chaired  Software Process Improvement Groups and has working knowledge of the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMMI)®. He has lead process improvements that raised organizations to maturity 3 of the CMM® model and has completed a “Benchmark/Best Practices” effort.
Prior to his recent retirement from the public sector, he acted as Director Technology Service Organization for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). In his role at DFAS, Jay was responsible for managing a wide variety of complex IT procurement projects and processes. 
As a seminar leader, Jay shares his insights and explains detailed IT and software risk management  techniques and tips for success. He also is chief faculty for topics including IT Procurement Management and IT Negotiation Skills.  Additionally, Dr. Griesser has taught information system and management courses for universities in the greater Cleveland area since 1983. His educational accomplishments include a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Nova-Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; M.B.A. and B.S. from Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea Ohio. He has written several articles in the computer science, project management and organizational management field. Dr. Griesser has presented findings to the I.E.E.E. Society, World Congress on Expert Systems, DFAS Managers Conference on Change Management and Motivation of Information System Professionals, TCN Conference on project management motivation and the Great Lakes Teaching and Education Conference.