Writing Requirements-Driven Test Plans

Registration Fee: $695.00 per person

Team Registration Fee (3 or more attendees): $595.00 per person

Availability and Duration
- Open Enrollment Virtual Classroom - 2 sessions @ 3 hours each 
- On-Site at Your Classroom - 1 Day
- Our Private Virtual Classroom - 6 Hours of Content Presented Over 2 to 3 Sessions
This seminar is designed to provide participants with a practical, systematic approach to software test planning methods, documentation and management.  Participants will learn a requirements-driven, top-down process for planning the formal test effort. If your organization employs use cases, you may want to attend PESG’s Writing Use Case-Driven Test Plans seminar.
What You Will Learn
  • Testing economics & benefits of a life cycle approach
  • Steps involved in planning & implementing the test planning process
  • Different types of testing documentation
  • A systematic approach to effective software test planning
  • How to evaluate the quality of a test plan & test process
  • How to systematically prepare testing documentation
  • How to make testing more cost-effective and productive

Who Should Attend
This workshop is intended for technical project managers, testers, and all software development professionals who are involved in the planning, design, implementation and management of system and acceptance level testing efforts.
Foundations for Effective Test Planning
  • Industry statistics
  • Testing economics
  • Factors that influence testing costs & effectiveness
Software Testing Principles
  • Steps in the software testing process
  • Single phase vs life cycle approaches to testing
  • Testing terminology
  • Testing levels & responsibilities
  • Testability issues for software development work products
  • Different ways to package test documentation
  • Different ways of organizing for testing
Planning the Test Effort
  • Importance of early test planning
  • Steps in requirements-driven software test planning
  • Defining testing scope & objectives
  • Formulating a systematic strategy
  • Linking tests to requirements
  • Determining resource requirements
  • Determining testing schedules
  • Preparing the test plan document
  • Evaluating the test plan
  • QA checklists
Designing the Tests
  • Techniques for designing requirements-driven tests
  • Steps in software test design
  • Documentation requirements for software test case design
  • Test sets, scripts, scenarios & cases
  • Test decomposition
  • Deriving test case data
  • Identifying test constraints
  • Evaluating the test design effort
  • QA checklists