Advanced Topics in Project Management

Duration - 2 Days  14 PDUs
Available - On Site at Your Facility
This workshop covers a variety of topics important to the project manager. We’ll review the numbers that are near and dear to bringing projects in on time and on budget, including the business case decision and how it is made, Earned Value calculations, report interpretation and trend analysis, all of which are a must for effective control.  We will also examine the newer concept, Critical Chain, including why it was developed, and its use in improving scheduling. The remainder of the workshop focuses on day-to-day challenges of project management, including taking over existing projects, particularly when the project manager is no longer around. You will also gain important insight and tools in dealing with politics and quality issues impacting the decisions surrounding projects of all shapes and sizes.  
Who Should Attend
This workshop is designed for experienced project managers. 
Learning Outcomes
  • Provide management with data that will help them in making informed decisions
  • Avoid common estimating mistakes
  • Apply a process to rank projects
  • Determine which measures can be used as a scorecard for their project
  • Manage risks for even the most complex projects
  • Explore how to survive project politics that can support or hinder projects
  • Recognize the importance of the Project Manager’s network and how key business decisions get made 
Topics Addressed
  • Project Metrics and Financials – Business Case Content and Measuring Value
  • Critical Estimating Concepts and Techniques
  • Earned Value and Trend Analysis
  • Critical Chain
  • Risk Management
  • Politics
  • Portfolio Management
  • Taking Over an Existing Project