Validating Requirements Using Reviews and Inspections

No open enrollment sessios are currently scheduled for this seminar. Seminar content is available as a component of PESG's Requirements Definition Week program. The seminar is also available on-site at your facility.
- On-Site at Your Classroom
- Our Private Virtual Classroom
Overview and Objective
Formal software inspections are industry-proven techniques for improving software quality, decreasing costs, and accelerating project cycle time. This seminar provides participants with an understanding of the process for conducting software requirements inspections.
What You Will Learn
  • How to perform software requirements inspections 
  • Who should perform software requirements inspections 
  • What should be inspected 
  • Inspection costs and benefits 
  • How to use inspection data for process improvement
Introduction to Software Inspections
  • Differences between formal inspections & other review types
  • Why software inspections are an industry “best practice”
  • Costs and benefits of software inspections
  • How software inspections improve delivery time
The Formal Software Inspection Process
  • Components of the inspection process
  • What gets inspected
  • When to perform inspections
  • Steps involved in the inspection process
  • Inspection work products
  • Roles and responsibilities
Step-by-Step Guide to Performing Requirements Inspections
  • How to perform requirements inspections
  • Establishing entry/exit criteria
  • How much time should be spent 
  • Using inspection checklists
  • Who should participate
  • Determining the outcome of an inspection
  • Using inspection data for process improvement