Effectively Managing the Service Provider

Duration - 2 Days
Available on-site at your location.
This seminar is a component of PESG's Managing Offshore Resources curriculum. 
Managing multiple vendors and sourcing agreements is now a critical skill for managers of technology services and operational support. With the drive toward full service management, the need for a structured governance strategy is critical.  Sourcing risks will be identified and a multi-sourcing governance framework designed.  Supporting structures and processes for effective governance will be built into the plan.   Measurement objectives will be defined so that a scorecard can be designed and used during a vendor review. A dispute resolution role play allows practice with negotiation and conflict management skills as attendees prepare to conduct the performance review.  
Who Should Attend
This workshop is designed for staff responsible for managing sourcing relationships and performance outcomes. The seminar is also appropriate for service provider of outsourced services.
What You Will Learn
Upon completion of this workshop, the participant will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sourcing agreements with an emphasis on the Statement of work (SOW).  
  • Practice identifying and mitigating sourcing risks.  
  • Design a governance framework.
  • Construct measurement objectives for a vendor scorecard.
  • Practice relationship skills to address disputes.
  • Prepare for a vendor performance review meeting.
Topics Addressed
  • Service Management Role
  • The Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Vendor Scorecard
  • Service Level Measures
  • Risk Management
  • Vendor Governance  
  • Negotiations
  • Performance Reviews 
1. Concepts, Terminology and Documents Overview  
  • The solutions broker / the prime contractor 
  • Types of Sourcing Deals and the Offshore Maturity Model (OMM)
  • Difference between customer and contractual requirements
  • Types of agreements and the services SOW
  • Pricing models impacts on vendor governance
2. Identifying Sourcing Risks 
  • Common contract problems
  • Steps to risk planning
  • Identifying sourcing risks in the Statement of Work  
3. Responding to Risks
  • Addressing risks through governance
  • Multi-Source Governance  
  • Governance framework 
  • Service management roles  
  • Governance processes that enable high performance 
5. Vendor Scorecard 
  • The goal of the balanced scorecard 
  • Measurement objectives, base measures and tracking metrics
  • SLA for operations, applications and consulting services
  • The scorecard audience needs
  • Evaluating scorecard results
  • Capturing vendor performance in relationship & strategy categories
6. Resolution Techniques – Skills to Building Healthy Relations  
  • Working with people you can’t see
  • Supplier resolution techniques
  • Negotiations model
  • Gaining agreement on the problem
  • Critical collaboration and resolution skills
7. Performance Reviews
  • Reporting requirements and communication needs
  • Selecting reporting components to meet objectives
  • Scheduling a periodic meeting as a communication vehicle 
  • Preparing for the vendor performance review