Business Analyst Guide to Asking Better Questions

Registration Fee: $179.00 per person

Team Registration Fee (3 or more attendees): $149.00 per person

Duration - 2 Hours
Format - Live, interactive lecture delivered via Webex with consultative responses to participant questions. 
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Asking effective questions is an important skill for every business analyst. Asking better questions is also a skill that can be rapidly improved with proper knowledge and practice. This interactive seminar is designed to provide business analysts with proven, concrete techniques and guidelines for improving their ability to ask the right questions at the right time.
Participants take home extensive lists of sample questions - 200+ Magic Questions for BAs -  that can be used for various requirements definition scenarios.
Topics Addressed

  • Understanding the psychology of interviewing
  • Understanding different types of questions and their uses
  • Listening for requirements-related keywords
  • Turning weak questions into strong questions
  • Getting the customer to say more
  • Questions for eliciting functional requirements
  • Questions for eliciting non-functional requirements
  • How better listening leads to better questioning
  • Understanding the impact of what you say vs. how you say it
  • How to practice forming better questions
Live, interactive lecture delivered via Webex with consultative responses to content-specific discussions.
Joe Demasco, curriculum director and senior faculty for PESG's Training for Better Requirements curriculum.
A comment from Joe about this seminar:
"One of the difficulties with coming up with a list of 'magic questions' for business analysts is the need for questions to be put into the context of a specific business domain. Many of the specific questions an analyst may need to ask would obviously be somewhat different if one was gathering requirements for software to support a space shuttle mission versus gathering requirements for an informational website for customers.
In my experience there are lots of questions that may be applicable and important to ask independent of the specific business or application domain. I've prepared a list of questions that I have used in my own work. The questions are presented in the most context-free way possible so that they are easy to reuse."
Comments from recent participants include:
"Very practical and useful information. I am already implementing several of the ideas and concepts in my daily work routine."
"What I liked most were the new techniques that were presented that I had not known about previously and how they were implemented in the video clips."
"I liked that the videos provided situational examples of my own prior experiences with interviewing business and IT proponents. Also, appreciated the time allocated to practice the skills being presented."

Registration Details
Schedule - 1:00 pm, Eastern Time (New York)
Duration - Approximately Two Hours
Registration Fee - $179.00 US per person
Teams of 3 or more - $149.00 US per person
Access - The seminar is delivered using Cisco Webex Meeting Center. When you join the online meeting using the link provided in a confirmation email, you will be asked to either phone a US toll number or connect using a computer head set. If you phone in to the audio conference using the toll number provided, long distance toll charges will apply. If you connect using a computer head set with microphone (VOIP), no toll charges will apply.
Registration Policy
Registration fee is non-refundable. Student substitutions may be made at any time prior to the start of the seminar. If you are unable to attend, you may view the recording of the session missed within 15 days. 
Group Training
Also available on demand for individuals, small teams and large groups. Contact Chuck Black for more information on scheduling a private, on demand presentation and group discounts.